Plastic Free
Event Certification

An official endorsement that your event is truly planet friendly.

Many events nowadays are billed as ‘green’, but scratch the surface and you’ll find that an exceedingly high amount of plastic is being used, the carbon footprint is unnecessarily large, and true sustainability is not being achieved. This type of greenwashing is not what we want or need for the future of our planet.

Let’s make the world a cleaner place

With our PFC Event Certification, you can assure your event is environmentally friendly without sacrificing any of the fun! Whether it be for festivals or conferences, expos or any other type of event; we will help ensure that not only are you impacting the environment as little as possible but that are attendees are happy with their experience and leave feeling like they made a positive impact on the planet as well.



By choosing to complete the PFC Event Certification, you are:

  • Ensuring your event and business stand out from your competitors
  • Letting your clients know you’re fully committed to the care of the environment
  • Improving your image and reputation, and building your Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Helping to raise environmental awareness amongst your employees and attendees
  • Observing new legislation which covers the use of single-use plastics

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