Our exclusive Plastic Free Certification allows your organisation to prove its unwavering commitment to the environment.
During the PFC program, you’ll have access to a host of benefits, including:

An on-call administrator with extensive expertise in implementing eco policy within the work environment

Tailor-made training courses for staff, with optional employee environmental education and awareness presentations

A customised SUP (single-use plastic) Policy that can be used in addition to your current Sustainability Policy

Discounted prices on high quality alternatives to single-use plastics. We understand that substitutes for plastic products will be required, and our extensive network of local vendors offer excellent, affordable, environmentally-friendly alternatives

Why Work With Us?
On The Successful Completion of Your PFC, You Will Receive:

Offline and online seals to be used in tangible and virtual transactions with your customers, letting your visitors know you have aligned your business with best-practice environmental values

A variety of marketing materials which will promote your environmental achievements to your customers, including social media content, placards, etc.

Ongoing advertisement of your values. The PFC website displays the logos of all certified organisations, each linked to the company’s site. This allows your current and potential customers to determine which plastic-free businesses deserve their custom

Access to our vast network of environmental groups and NGOs in your country, who promote certified organisations

Show your commitment to the environment

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