By obtaining your Plastic Free Certification, you’re not only complying with EU legislation on single-use plastics, you’re also letting your customers know you are a progressive, caring company, committed to improving our planet and its environment.

As part of this independent certification

the PFC delivers the exceptional assessment tools that allow your organisation to better understand, prioritise, implement and certify initiatives and sustainable business practices.

Through an onsite Inspection

we’ll get to know you and your premises, and provide you with a plan of action that’s manageable in terms of time and budget. We’ll also identify areas in which you could improve your current strategies, and design a tailor-made program of initiatives for you to follow.

Throughout this entire process

you’ll have an assigned auditor: on-call to assist you with accomplishing your goals, providing your organisation with a steady approach and tracking your development on the road to PFC success.

And, upon successful completion of your PFC

you’ll be awarded a PFC Certificate, the use of our PFC Trademark, and a comprehensive set of online and offline materials, including a clickable website seal which verifies your certification to promote your positive values of corporate and social responsibility.


Your Plastic Free Certification consists of 5 manageable steps.

First, our PFC experts will carry out an INITIAL ASSESSMENT of your business, gathering the preliminary data that is essential for the next steps. We’ll identify which type of plastics you’re using, the purpose for which they are used, and which area of the business uses the most plastic and why. We’ll also look at disposal procedures.

We will then schedule and carry out an ON-SITE INSPECTION of the organisation, in which your designated inspector will access all areas and carry out a free, physical search. We’ll also conduct random staff interviews to build a comprehensive picture of how much and what types of plastic is used by the average employee.

Next, you’ll receive a personalised INSPECTION REPORT, outlining the company’s waste and plastic usage, the areas which can be improved, and clear steps to reduce plastic usage.

For the next one to six months (depending on your schedule and suggested changes), your organisation will make the RECOMMENDED IMPROVEMENTS. These will include the elimination of SUP in all areas (purchasing department, supplier packaging, employee/guest F&B from take-away and home).

As part of this action, you will receive your SUP Policy and your Employee Pledge against SUP, and will be able to take advantage of our employee education presentations. And during this time, your designated inspector will be on call to help you with every aspect of the program.

Once the changes have been made, an audit will establish whether the improvements comply with PFC’s standards and, on this basis, your organisation will receive its official Certification.

Once you have achieved your PFC, you’re entitled to your personalised PLASTIC FREE CERTFICATION, valid for one year. You’ll also receive comprehensive marketing materials related to your PFC, ongoing advertisement of your values, and access to our network of publicity.
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